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  • Home Page - Manuals for children of divorcing parents, step-parent and parenting troubled teens, by Dr. Murphy and Dr. Baksh, Stuart, FL.

  • Advice Page - Parenting help and tips for children of divorcing parents, step-parent questions and parent problems with troubled teens.

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  • Finally, a book with such a wealth of information and advice on such a huge topic relating to divorce, and written in a style that anyone in this situation can relate to. It is a" must read" for all family members involved in a divorce. It is both healing and enlightening!
    -- Robyn Mendez, parent, Stuart, Florida
  • Psychologists treating parents and children during divorce, family issues, step-parenting and help for troubled teenagers Dr. Murphy and Dr. Baksh, Stuart, FL
  • A Manual for Parenting Your Teenagers, we will take into consideration those ages between twelve and eighteen, ending at the general time at which most teens matriculate to college or independent living, although twenty years of age is more commonly thought of as the demarcation into adulthood. The teen years are filled with many intellectual and physiological changes involving growth spurts, developmental achievements, the appearance of secondary sex characteristics and questions of sexual identity.
  • Nadir Baksh, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist in Stuart, FL, who has been evaluating and treating patients for the past 26 years. His clinical practice is comprised of a variety of specialties including parenting issues, martial therapy, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, panic attacks, addictions and divorce/custody evaluations, as well as providing evaluations and expert testimony in criminal and civil matters.

  • Laurie Murphy, Ph.D. helps parents with child behavorial problems and parenting tips, Stuart, FL.
  • Written in a non-apologetic voice, 8 Strategies for Successful Step-Parenting present strong and specific direction for handling common problems. This book will empower readers to take up their new challenge of step-parenting with common sense, firmness and compassion; but most of all, with greater self-knowledge ? the best strategy for success in any important task.
  • Contact Associates in Psychology for help parenting children through divorce and family issues, step-parenting and other family problems Dr. Murphy and Dr. Baksh, Stuart, FL 772-283-8558.
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